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Within the cannabis industry realm, extraction is the process of extracting or concentrating the most highly potent compound from the marijuana plant. Fundamentally, this process involves removing the oil contained within the trichomes from the plant. The resulting concentrates or extracts are an extremely highly concentrated and potent form of THC and other such cannabinoids. Once extracted, the resulting concentrates can be used in the form of pills, oils and can also be used in edibles such as candies, baked goods (cookies, brownies etc) or infused beverages.

The main focus on extraction or concentrates (terms which are commonly used interchangeably) is to increase marijuana’s medical benefits to producing a highly potent recreational buzz. Cannabis concentrates are much more highly potent than marijuana buds. As an example, patients who are suffering from acute pain can be treated much more effectively by using this highly potent extract. Recreational users will experience a stronger, more intense high when consuming marijuana concentrates. Generally a concentrateextract is typically used in a vaporizer.

The process of extraction is a very complicated one. It’s not something that a run-of-the-mill home grower should ever attempt. In stead, it should be left to qualified professionals who have access to expensive extraction equipment. In this case, the cannabisconcentrate is produced with the use of a solvent to facilitate the extraction. It should be pointed out that not all concentrates are extracts, but all extracts are concentrates.

The most common solvents used in the cannabisextraction process include propane, butane, ethanol and exceedingly critical carbon dioxide (CO2). However, for those who do wish to make an attempt with this process, there are simpler and easier methods of extraction that can be utilized. Such methods are finger hash and ice hash procedures. To extractmarijuanarosin, heat is used to liquify the oils in the plant. Then, a great deal of pressure is applied to extract the oil out of the plant material.

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I prefer to use solventless extraction when I am making concentrates because it is cheap, safe, clea, and I love the potency of the hash that is made from this method.

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