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Cannabisextract is a substance that refers to the concentrated THC or CBD from the marijuana plant. It is mostly oily in consistency and there are numerous methods to separate the cannabinoids and other plant material. Some of the methods that are commonly used to conduct the extraction are butane, alcohol, water, CO2, and ethanol. The end product results in a highly concentrated and potent high.

Cannabis extracts are said to have been around since around 1500 BC. The form was said to be a paste of ground-up cannabis that was then added to milk or eaten. It wasn’t until the 12th century that the middle east started learning other techniques such as collecting the trichomes from marijuana plants and then squashing them into little chunks of cannabis. When extracts arrived in North America, it was way into the 19th century and they were in the form of hash or tinctures. There are some benefits that result in many users preferring to use extracts.

They have a higher purity of cannabinoids, dosing is more accurate, they are easy for the user to consume through pills, vapes, or edibles, less of the product needs to be consumed as opposed to using dried cannabis, and the effect of the high can be much stronger and longer. Extracts such as hash and kief can be smoked in the same way that cannabis can be smoked. If extracts are in the form of tinctures, they can be orally ingested, much like edibles.

You can even just topically put it on the skin. The purest way to consume extracts is through inhaling it through a vape. The mist is not considered to be toxic which results in the lungs not taking as much of a hit in comparison to dried cannabis.

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