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Ethanol Hash Oil (EHO)

EthanolHashOil (EHO) is a cannabisextraction method that uses ethanol as the main solvent for the process. Every solvent that is used for extraction has its pros and cons, and ethanol is starting to prove it’s one of the better ones. Ethanol has been known to be convenient, effective, and fairly safe to work with. The FDA even regards ethanol as a generally safe solvent for humans.

Ethanol is used as an additive to food and as a preservative. You will most likely even find it in the wine that you drink after a day of work. Ethanolextraction can be done in hot or cold conditions. You can boil ethanol in a pot, condense it on a cool coil, and drip through cannabis material which will strip all of the cannabinoids and terpenes to create the product. This method is a very time-conservative approach and generally has a smaller yield.

Utilizing ethanol in cooler conditions is a more ideal environment to conduct extraction because they keep the cannabinoids more intact. You can think of ethanolextraction as soaking rawmarijuana in ethanol to pull the trichomes into it, and then removing the marijuana, filtering the liquid, and purging the alcohol from the extracted material. Ethanolextraction can be done expensively or inexpensively, depending on the type of products the manufacturer chooses to use.

Ethanol is known to have a fairly low boiling point and that makes it very easy to remove from the final product. A downside of ethanol is that it is very hard to make products like shatter or sauce with it and it requires a fairly large amount to conduct the extraction process.

Use of Term

This ethanol hash oil is fairly potent. I prefer to use ethanol as an extraction method because of it’s purity.

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