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Ensemble Effect

The ensemble effect is referred to as the effect of numerous marijuana compounds that sync with other marijuana compounds that will, as a result, create a more substantial effect. In and of itself, the ensemble means three or more things are working together.

In cannabis, the ensemble effect refers to THC, CBD, and terpenes all working in conjunction with each other to produce a greater effect than if just one of them was working by itself. The ensemble becomes therapeutic because of the benefits provided when they work together. Without the THC, you wouldn’t get the psychoactive effects, and without the CBD, you wouldn’t get some of the body effects.

CBD is non-psychoactive and if you consume a big dose of it during the day and then try to use THC during the night, you most likely will not get high. But if you make the THC high in comparison to the CBD, you will get high. Some people like the ensemble effect of strains of cannabis that have high CBD and low THC so they won’t feel the intoxicating effects of it, but will still feel the therapeutic effects.

On the other hand, some people enjoy the high THC levels to enjoy the psychoactive effects that can also be therapeutic for certain conditions. Cannabis ratios are becoming very well structured and balanced between different strains. Customers can walk into a dispensary and pick out nearly exactly what type of high they want to feel and what type of therapeutic benefits they want from a particular strain. This ensemble effect makes choosing a strain predictable and will have the customer more informed.

Use of Term

I enjoy the ensemble effect of this strain of cannabis because it gives me a good body high and keeps me motivated at whatever task I am doing.

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