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Indoor or hydroponically grown cannabis is also referred to as Endo or “indo.” Although, it is a widely used phrase to indicate quality cannabis. The term endo has also been used to refer to the marijuana plant’s bottom ends. These bottom ends contain the most concentrated and highest amount of resin crystals when the plant is hung out to dry. Endo plants have been grown indoors for many decades. The ancient Chinese people grew indoor cannabis plants because they widely used it for medicinal purposes. Marijuana has also been widely cultivated indoors and outdoors in India.

Endo marijuana plants are often grown in a grow room, greenhouse, or hydroponically. The reason is because natural weather conditions are not always favourable to the growing needs of the plant. The temperature is too cold in some parts of the world or there is inadequate sunshine for the plant to successfully finish its life cycle. Endo plants being grown indoors is a suitable option because the grower can monitor all factors such as temperature, humidity, and light. It offers a more controllable environment and this control is what can potentially result in a better harvest once the growth cycle is complete. Endo plants that are cultivated hydroponically don’t even need soil to do well.

Growers have the ability to cause endo plants to bloom just by manipulating light and darkness cycles. Whether indoor growth is done with soil or hydroponically produces more resin on endo cannabis plants. This is because the endo plants aren’t exposed to the environmental elements like rain and heavy wins which can sometimes strip the resin right off the plant. Growing cannabis outdoors will always be more natural, and in states like California, Nevada, or Oregon, this can be done successfully. People that live in these states can grow up to 12 months of the year if they have the right climate, so endo isn’t even required in those cases.

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