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An elixir is known to be a beverage or drink that has cannabinoids in it. It can almost be thought of like an edible, but only it is in drink form instead. Marijuana-infused drinks are metabolized in the body in a similar way that edibles are. The cannabinoids flow through the bloodstream to the stomach, are eventually processed by the liver, and the effects will take around the same amount of time to feel as edibles.

One can expect the intoxicating effects to persist for around four to six hours. In the mid-1800s, someone named William O’Shaughnessy wrote a publication on the variety of benefits that marijuana can provide. He makes numerous mentions of tinctures in his writings and just after 1851, elixirs were said to be manufactured for the treatment of sleep disorders, tonsillitis, tetanus, and alcoholism.

Elixirs can drank straight or sublingually. Many people mix elixirs with other liquids to enjoy it more such as tea, coffee, and other beverages. Elixirs can also come in spray bottle form where you spray it under the tongue. For elixirs to be produced, the marijuana used has to be decarboxylated. This means that it needs to be exposed to heat so that the THCA will convert to THC so that the user can experience the intoxicating effects. It is best not to overheat it because that could cause a reduction of THC, which will lower the quality of your high.

Adding other herbs to the beverage can further increase the effects. Such things like chamomile that could aid in stress reduction, elderberry for cold symptom relief, or eucalyptus will help relieve certain conditions you may be experiencing.

Use of Term

I mixed some elderberry extract into my elixir to help relieve some of my flu symptoms and it seemed to help.

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