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A classic way to measure cannabis, an Eighth is equivalent to 3.5 grams of cannabis. This measurement is typically used in countries absent of the metric system like the United States. If you don’t already know the various weights that cannabis is sold in, you may ask, “How much is an eighth? Is that too much or is it too little? Should I just be purchasing one gram? How much is one gram? Dispensaries and delivery distribution systems measure cannabis products such as flower and concentrate in grams.

Concentrates can be obtained in half grams and full grams, while cannabis seeds are weighed in grams. One gramme is often called a dub or dime-bag. It is the right amount for marijuana for users who choose to smoke from a pipe, joint, or bong. An eighth of cannabis refers to the fact that it is an eighth of an ounce. For those that are familiar with all of the measurements will know that one-eighth of an ounce is 3.543603878 grams.

7 grams of cannabis will be referred to as a quarter. With a quarter-ounce of cannabis, you can roll around five to seven blunts. Half an ounce of weed is 14 grams. Sometimes this amount is called a half or half “O.” You can roll between 7 and 14 blunts with a half-ounce. A full ounce of cannabis will weigh 28 grams. Ounces are commonly called a zip or an “O”. Many possession limits in states and countries are listed in grammes and ounces.

A lot of states and countries limit how much marijuana you can have at a given time and how much you can purchase each month. A quarter-pound of cannabis weighs 113.4 grammes, equal to 4 ounces. Quarter pounds are commonly called QP. A half-pound is the next step up from the quarter-pound. Weighing 226.8 grammes, it is also known as a half-pack and a half-pounder, or 8 ounces of cannabis.

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