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An edible is considered to be anything that is infused with cannabinoids from marijuana. Edibles can come in many different forms such as cookies, brownies, and gummy candies. Because edibles are consumed differently than inhaling the vapor from marijuana, the effects are a little different. Cannabinoids enter the bloodstream through the liver, and this can take a longer time to feel anything in comparison to smoking. The high also lasts a lot longer and can persist anywhere from four to six hours.

Edibles date way back to 1500 BC in India where people made drinks with added ground-up leaves and buds. In around 1474, a cookbook was made by Bartolomeo Platina that had a recipe for a marijuana edible. There are many benefits to using edibles. Some people just don’t like the process of having to light up to enjoy cannabis, so edibles can be a preferable method.

Consumers can get a more accurate dose, have more control over the ingredients, can avoid plant matter that sometimes accidentally gets ingested when inhaling, can enjoy the discretion, and will experience a longer-duration of intoxication. Medical cannabis users might enjoy edibles because of the longer duration of therapeutic relief they can provide. Because of the length of time that cannabis edibles can take to start having an effect, users might think they aren’t doing their job and try to consume more. It is safe for beginners to start slow with edible usage.

A number of different factors contribute to how edibles are felt for the user. Genetics, age, weight, and other things will alter how the body metabolizes it. Cannabis edibles can usually be found at your local dispensary.

Use of Term

The high from the brownie edible I ate yesterday lasted around 5 hours which was much longer than when I smoke a joint.

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