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Another slang term for hashoil is EarWax. This more potent marijuanaconcentrate contains high levels of THC achieved through a whipped process. Earwax typically gets its name because of its appearance looking like earwax. Ear waxcannabis, which is several times more potent than regular cannabis, can contain as much as 80 to 90 percent THC. This varies from “budder,” however, which is a solid hashoil that is whipped into chunks. Many manufacturers say that when you fail to make budder, “ear wax” is what happens, meaning the wax is just low-grade, whipped hashoil.

The process has been around for a long time. Novice or beginner chemists should be warned: producing cannabiswax is not a user-friendly operation that should be done in a regular kitchen. Cannabis is put into a lengthy tube or pipe that is struck with a highly flammable