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An Electronic Rig or E-Rig is a dab rig that operates off of an electronic battery. These devices heat the nail to a specific temperature without the need for a blowtorch. They are usually small and designed for on-the-go hits. Having the ability to control the temperature of a dab is very beneficial because terpenecannabis concentrates typically require a lower temperature. If they were heated to too high of a temperature, the terpenes would evaporate.

E-rigs can regulate the temperature between 310 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit (154 to 205 degrees Celcius). By doing this, the terpenes can be preserved. The big disadvantage to using an electronic rig is that it takes power to work, so it’s not very versatile and can’t be used outdoors easily. Some models are now powered by batteries. With the temperature settings, an e-rig is easily controlled so the nail is never overheated and the user can experience dabs at low temperatures.

E-rigs are seen as an alternative method of dabbing in comparison to having to use