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E-nails are electronically controlled devices that are hooked up to nails on dab rigs. They help maintain a constant heat for taking dabs helping with a quality tasting and potent hit. When using a hand-torch, heat is estimated. With e-nails, heat is guaranteed. The e-nail controls the temperature of the nail when using a dab rig for dabbingmarijuana concentrates. This completely gets rid of the need for a butanetorch.

The nail is essentially responsible for heating the concentrate to the form of a vapour E-nails can be made from a variety of different materials ranging from granite, glass, titanium or ceramic. The e-nail looks like a little box that just fits over the nail. It typically features an electrically heated metal coil. The circumference of the coiled rings is between 16 and 20 mm.

The coiled rings are put on top of one another. When e-nails were initially released to the public, they were not nearly affordable for the average consumer, but ever since then, the prices have come down a fair amount. The e-nail’s box controls the temperature as well as the nail’s power. Temperature control buttons on the unit typically allow the user to adjust the temperature higher or lower.

On most electronic nails, digits are easily visible and readable. The number on the bottom is the fixed temperature and the number on the top is the actual current temperature. Everything is done digitally. E-nails are useful because they give the user the ability to shut off the nail when it isn’t in use and as a result, this will ensure that they don’t accidentally burn themselves.

Controlling the temperature also becomes very easy which lets the user take more low-temperature dabs. High temperatures can sometimes ruin the terpenes, so an e-nail is a very convenient and beneficial dabbing tool.

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My e-nail is great for consistent tokes.

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