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A Dugout refers to a wooden-box storing cannabis and a tiny one-hitter. The device looks something like a dice-shaker, with a small hole used to push the end of the one-hitter into the box and fill the end with cannabis. Dugout’s are a semi-discreet way to enjoy micro-dosing cannabis.

A dugout is also commonly referred to as a dugout system. The dugout will most commonly contain two different sections in it. It will have a slide-out section that is spring-loaded with the small one-hitter pipe in it, and the other compartment will contain the cannabis. The user will take out the spring-loaded pipe and grind the end of the pipe in the compartment that is holding the cannabis to pack it up in order to take a toke.

A dugout is fairly small and convenient. It can fit in right in a standard-sized pocket. Dugout became more common because of the way that it was used to conceal cannabis from public eyesight. The box also helped conceal the fragrance of the cannabis inside of it. Dugouts can be found for fairly inexpensive prices but can range up to very expensive ones as well. The higher-end dugouts are produced from exotic hardwoods and are meticulously carved.

A lot of dugouts aren`t even made of wood anymore and have opted for ceramic or stone material. Dugouts are a classier, more convenient, and more discreet way to smoke weed and to hold one’s stash. The user doesn’t have to worry about carrying rolling papers around, hauling oversized gear to their friends, or worry about having to break brittle glassware or dab rigs. Not only that, dugouts can even be used to spark attraction in your house because of the elegant handmade designs that many of them have.

Use of Term

I got my name engraved on the side of my dugout in case I lose it

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