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Dry Sift

Dry sift is one of the many different types of concentrates of marijuana. It is made from collecting trichomes from cured marijuana and its texture is like fine sand. It is also known as kief and it’s one of the cheapest cannabis concentrates to make. To produce it, marijuana is sifted through a screen. On a larger scale, vibratory sieves are used to manufacture large amounts of marijuana. Depending on how big the trichome glands are on the plant, a corresponding screen will be used to accumulate the trichomes that fall through the screen.

The rest of the cannabis plant is held back to avoid getting it mixed up in the dry sift. A nice benefit of dry sift is that there are no solvents used in the manufacturing process. Because of that, it is considered a full concentrate. Dry sifting is fairly cheap compared to other methods of concentrate extraction. One downside is that it takes quite a fair amount of labor and time to do the process.

After the dry sifting process, it is usually stored in a glass or silicone jar. It’s even better if you can make room for it in the refrigerator or freezer in a vacuum-sealed bag inside the jar. Using cannabis that has been freeze-dried usually enables the trichomes to fall off the plant much easier. There is little chance of mold with freeze-dried cannabis. Dry sift is fairly potent, has a good terpene profile, and it vaporizes very well. You can consume dry sift in a number of different ways. Some users prefer to dab it, while others enjoy adding it to their joint or topping off their bowl with it.

Use of Term

I always enjoy sprinkling some dry sift into my joint before I finish rolling it up.

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