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In a Bong, the long piece of glass or metal that connects the bowl with the body is called a Downstem. The downstem is inserted into the bong and submerged in water. On a bong or a bubbler, the downstem is attached to the bowl that is filled with marijuana and then to the reservoir that contains the water. When the smoke is pulled from the ignited marijuana, into the bowl, through the downstem, and finally into the bong water, it provides a cleaner and smoother hit for the user.

The downstem is sometimes spelled in two separate words as down stem. It can basically be thought of like a tiny little tube that allows smoke from the burning marijuana plant material travel efficiently from the bowl, down to the base of the bong where it will bubble in the water before it is finally inhaled. ⠀

In addition to the smoke being cooled off throughout the process, it is also filtered. By utilizing the downstem, the user will have the ability to inhale more smoke at a time without having a nasty coughing fit or a lingering scratchy throat afterwards. The downstem provides a much more soothing experience for the user and is known to be a lot less harsh on the lungs than other methods of smoking cannabis. Medicalmarijuana users often favour the system. ⠀A bubbler that contains a downstem works much in the same way as a bong.

Even though it is much smaller on a bubbler and can potentially get clogged up easier, the functionality is the same. Beginner users that want to try out cannabis for the first time in a bong will enjoy the benefits of a downstem and won’t have to remember their first experience as a negative coughing fit.

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I just broke the downstem to my bong, but luckily I have a backup.

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