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Domeless nail

The Domeless Nail is a new invention that combines a classic dome and a nail into a single unit. These devices are often made of glass containing a hole in the middle for smoke flow. This allows for more efficient consumption of concentrates. In a dab rig, a nail is utilized for heating up the cannabis concentrate to a hot enough point where vapour is produced. Dab rigs come in a variety of different styles, including domed and domeless versions.

A domeless nail makes it easy and efficient for cannabis users to consume concentrate. The domeless nail, as opposed to a domed nail, has a bigger size, which means that a higher volume of cannabis concentrate can be used. Regardless of having a dome or not having a dome, the dab nail should still heat up fairly fast and be able to hold in the heat for a good length of time.

The absence of a dome also makes heating the concentrate much simpler. But, if you don’t have the protective covering of the dome that other nails might have, the heat in the domeless nail will dissipate at a much faster rate. Using a carb cap on the domeless nail is preferable for some users to prevent any loss of heat. Among experienced dab users, the domeless nail is considered to be one of their favourite dabbing tools.

Domeless nails, however, tend to be more expensive for dabbing rigs than conventional domed nails. Most domeless nails feature multiple joints or attachments, making them extremely flexible and versatile. A lot of domeless nails are created from glass, but many other materials are used to make them as well, such as titanium, quartz and ceramic. The majority of domeless nails have a hole in the middle that enables the vapour from the weed to flow through efficiently.

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My domeless nail is the best, I hate fumbling with a dome when I dab.

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