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A dome is a piece of blown glass or metal that fits perfect over the nail on a dab rig. When smoking cannabis concentrates, the dome is used to ensure all vapour is captured and utilized. The dome is an integrated part of the nail on some dab rigs. The dome absorbs and retains the vapor from the hot dab successfully so that the user can inhale it gradually. Because the dome’s purpose is to hold the vapour in it until the user will inhale, it helps to make sure that no hit will be wasted.

The concentrated vapours are trapped in the dome and this provides a reliable and persistent high that is absent from other techniques. To inexperienced dab rig users, a domed nail is a very convenient and ideal method to use is also considered to be safe. Beginner dab rig users will also like the dome method because it will give them more time by holding all of the heated up concentrate in until they are ready to breathe it in.

A dome doesn’t let the nail hold the same concentration as a domeless nail, but it does still  absorb and retain the vapour until it is used. One downside to domes is that they can heat up to a point that it will be a risk to the user if it will require readjustments. Furthermore, a dome does not permit the nail to heat up as quickly as a domeless nail. A lot of experienced dab rig users will not even bother with a dome because they simply don’t think it’s necessary. Other people will swear by a domed nail and won’t even bother using a dab rig without one. All in all, it boils down to personal preference when it comes to the dome.

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My dome broke yesterday and I can’t fully vape my dabs now.

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