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A distributor is known as a supplier that sells marijuana or marijuana products to businesses and consumers. Marijuana distributors usually work alongside dispensaries, manufacturers of the product, and cultivators. As a result, many distributors get experience working in collaboration with them. A distributor that is on a wholesale basis will sell their products in a variety of different locations, ensuring rules and regulations are met along the way.

Cultivators and manufacturers see a reliable distributor as their key to getting their products out in the marketplace without having the burden of setting up a sales team or distribution network themselves. In some locations, cultivators are not allowed to sell to retailers. The distributor can be seen as the gatekeeper to the retail network. Ensuring compliance and setting up a whole sales network takes many connections, a tremendous amount of time, and a strong edge in marketing.

A distributor also ensures that things like labels are complying with regulations because if they aren’t the product cannot be sold. When products go through pesticide and microbial testing distributors will sometimes have to go back to the cultivator or manufacturer if the product does not pass the tests. Distributors need to make sure that the retailers they are cooperating with are permitted to sell cannabis. If a retailer turns out to not be insured, the distributor could face some hefty fines.

Cultivators should carefully choose their distributors because the working relationship turns into a close one and if it is a strong one, the financial gain and convenience in getting the products to market make it that much easier.

Use of Term

The manufacturer of the 3 strains of marijuana I like finally found a great distributor to market the products. The distributor said that he found a total of ten retailers that will sell these particular strains of marijuana, so it’s a win-win for both.

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