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Distillate is known as a marijuana extract that has an end product that is void of all materials except just one specific cannabinoid. Known as the primary ingredient for many vape cartridges and edibles, it does not usually contain any taste, flavor or specific smell. It is a very strong marijuana oil that can be combined with other marijuana produced, or it can just be used on its own. THC oil and cannabidiol (CBD) oil are the most popular forms of distillate out there.

Because distillate doesn’t have any terpenes, it doesn’t have any smell or recognizable flavor. Experienced users may not like having their favorite smell removed, but a benefit to it is that one can have full control over the end taste and smell result. Without the terpenes, the therapeutic benefits may also be decreased. Even though distillate initially lacks terpenes, they can always be added later in the manufacturing process.

Distillate has the potential to get you very high depending on which cannabinoid you are consuming. If the distillate is comprised of THC, then you will get a very intoxicated result, but if it is a CBD distillate, then you won’t get high, but you will reap the therapeutic properties and benefits. Distillate is known to be the most common type of marijuana oil because of its potency and purity.

They can be used in a vaporizer, dab rig, or distillate cartridge. The vapor that is given off from distillates contains no odor, so if someone is trying to conceal the smell, this method is preferable. Distillates can also come in the form of edibles that are consumed, or as an oil that can be applied under the tongue. Some users even just apply it to the skin and it will be absorbed into the body.

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