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A dispensary is a location that legally sells cannabis. This location may offer other products such as bongs, pipes, and clothing. Depending on the region you are from, you may have both recreational and medical dispensaries located near you. Medical dispensaries require a prescription and green card while recreational ones are open to the public. A marijuana dispensary is a regulated location that dispenses and sells medical marijuana,  marijuana-containing products, and the equipment needed to use these products.

Consumers who enter the grounds always have to be 18 years of age or older. The majority of medical marijuana dispensaries are typically set up much the same as a doctor’s office and have a waiting room or a dividing wall that provides anonymity to patients when addressing their medical needs with the professional cannabis staff of the dispensary. The trained cannabis personnel will assist the patient in everything they need to know and what to purchase to help with their medical needs.

If you are looking to purchase marijuana for medical needs or just for recreation, it is recommended to get it from a licenced dispensary in a location where it is legal to consume. Purchasing cannabis at a dispensary will help you ensure that it is of standard or higher quality. Twenty-eight states currently allow medical marijuana dispensaries, and among them, eight states and the District of Columbia allow recreational dispensaries to do business. Marijuana dispensaries are considered to be safe, governed facilities that often contain all you need to know about consuming marijuana safely, growing it, and everything else.

The San Francisco Marijuana Buyers Club, which started serving patients in 1992, even despite the fact that marijuana was still illegal at the time, was the first medical marijuana dispensary that was open to the public. Ever since its inception, it has faced negative social stigma and legal problems that are still known to be a challenge for clinics across the world, including protests and raids from the police, but as legalization progresses, the debate about these concerns dissipates.

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I went to my local dispensary and all they had was shwag.

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