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A diffuser in a water bong is added in the downstem to aide in the production bubbles and airflow. These additions are located at the bottom of the device, utilizing small slits and holes in the glass, and are activated when submerged in water. Diffusers result in a much cooler, cleaner, and flavourful toke. Many medical cannabis users who suffer from respiratory issues will prefer to use diffusers because of the smoother hits they offer. A diffuser will reduce the coughing effects that sometimes occur with other methods of consumption.

Users will also report less burning of the throat that smoke can sometimes cause. A diffuser is located at the bottom end of the bongs. The end will be slotted and partially immersed in the bong’s water. The slits in the diffuser create tiny bubbles that have a larger surface area than large bubbles usually created by a standard downstream that contains one big opening at the end. The tiny slots of the diffuser cause the water to more effectively clean out the smoke. Because the diffuser produces smaller bubbles, this will often make the bong completely quiet, unlike typical bongs with downstems that can be heard bubbling whenever someone takes a toke.

There are quite a few companies out there that manufacture diffusers. A lot of bongs that contain downstems can easily be adjusted to replace them with a diffuser. A lot of bongs nowadays come with diffusers of varying colours and sizes and in many different styles. Many users have reported that diffusers completely changed their smoking experience for the better. Percolators are technically different than diffusers, but they typically have the same function as downspout diffusers. Through dividing the weed smoke into smaller streams, the smoke can then be cooled quicker and far easier than using a regular downspout bong that doesn’t have a diffuser

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That diffuser has over 100 holes, thats one smooth toke.

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