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Dieselcannabis covers a wide variety of phenotypes that typically produce sativa effects and extremely pungent diesel fuel like aroma. These strains are widely heralded for their unique smell and strong potency. This particular strain of cannabis contains a number of unique attributes. It is a New York sativastrain and it is presently one of America’s best-selling cannabis products. It was bred by crossing a strain of Mexican sativa with an Afghani strain. It is presumed to be strongly linked to the strains of Chemdog and OGKush.

Ever since its emergence, there have been a lot of other strains that started to hit the market which also use diesel to make up the strain. Some of these are Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel. Diesel has plant buds that are big and very thick. They are a colourful dark green with notable orange hairs. The resin glands of the bud’s trichomecrystals are huge, abundant, and highly visible.

One of the nice things about Dieselcannabis plants is that they are known to be very easy to cultivate. The strain typically has a moderate THC level which sits at around 20%. Diesel is an optimal choice for daytime users because of its stimulating effect profile as well as the longer-lasting cerebral high that it gives.

Users usually feel a boost in enthusiasm and will have an enhanced imagination. The mood of the consumer is also significantly increased. For medicalcannabis users that want some relief from depression and stress, Diesel is a great choice for that. Diesel has a potent citrus flavour with background hints of diesel. The fragrance that it gives off is also very similar to the flavor profile. This popular and common strain doesn’t appear to be going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

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