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Diamond Mining

Diamond mining refers to the process of isolating the cannabinoids such as THCA from the sauce and removing them. The final product can resemble tiny little diamonds, which is why this process is called diamond mining. The liquid remains that are leftover after mining is called terp sauce. The entire process can take up to three weeks in length. Other names for diamond mining are recrystallization and jar tech.

The whole process can be thought of as just separating the cannabinoids and terpenes. Users like the end product because of the very flavorful and potent result when using it. Diamond mining is usually done with live resin, and the starting material is one of the most important things to keep into consideration. The most potent marijuana will work the best and the whole process has been noted to be nearly an art to do effectively.

Butane extraction is the first step and once the resin is extracted, a purge is needed between 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing this will take off most of the leftover residual solvent. After that, the resin is placed into containers to give it a chance to separate for around two to three weeks. Crystals will begin to form near the bottom of the containers and once that is done, the last purge will be required.

For the entire process, it’s been noted that cured resin does work, but live resin just works better because it crystallizes easier and is the best choice if you are focused on the sugars and terp sauces as opposed to shatters. As with many other things in the cannabis field, diamond mining is focused on creating a superior and more potent product that will please the user that much more.

Use of Term

I did some diamond ming over the course of the past month and the end result was so potent.

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