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Delivery refers to a service of the transportation of cannabis products directly to the consumer. More and more delivery services are becoming available for people that want their cannabis products more quickly and conveniently. For example, if a patient with multiple sclerosis cannot make it to the dispensary due to their chronic pain or inability to move around like everyone else, a delivery system can bring medical cannabis right to their door. Rules and regulations across the country are still a little confusing for some people.

In Ontario, dispensaries are not allowed to deliver, but licensed producers are. Delivery services are much more permissible for medical patients than they are for recreational users. Many of the legal cannabis producers even offer same-day delivery service. If people order cannabis from random websites as opposed to licensed producers, they can’t be 100% sure what they are going to be receiving in the delivery. The quality, pricing, and potency is hard to guarantee with grey-market listings.

A new cannabis delivery company that was recently launched in Winnipeg is using it as a testing grounds in hopes that if it all goes well, expansion to the rest of Canada might be in sight. The provincial laws specific to Manitoba make it a little friendlier for online retailers. The company operates in a similar way that Skip the Dishes or Uber Eats operates, except instead delivering food, it will deliver cannabis. Customers will have the ability to install an app on their devices, choose from a list of products, and delivered to them. In most other provinces, only government-run stores can sell marijuana online.

The company states that they receive around 40 to 100 orders per day. This delivery method is ideal for customers who don’t feel comfortable entering a cannabis store. It can also give the customer a little more privacy in their shopping experience if they don’t want to be seen in a cannabis store.

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