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Decriminalize refers to the laws that are changed so that what once was a criminal offense is no longer one. The decriminalization of marijuana has been an age-old debate for decades. Many believe that it is a harmless drug that should have been legalized many years ago, while some still believe that it is harmful and addictive.

The decriminalization of cannabis refers to the removal of its criminal classification. Many locations around the world have already passed laws that have decriminalized the use of cannabis. Other places still consider it to be a crime and will enforce it like any other one. The supporters of cannabis hold the belief that cannabis has many major medical and therapeutic benefits to users and that decriminalizing it would drastically lower the number of prison inmates that have been imprisoned due to a cannabis-related offense.

Supporters of decriminalization point to the variety of studies where cannabis has been used in aiding patients with pain that is associated with conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and HIV. A study conducted by the University of California revealed that multiple sclerosis patients had a reduced amount of pain after they had consumed cannabis.

There are over 60 health organizations in the United States that support cannabis use for medical-related conditions. Supports also bring up the fact that over 16 million Americans have been arrested for cannabis-related offences and nearly 1 in 8 inmates are incarcerated due to it. On the flip side, people against the decriminalization of cannabis will bring up all of the studies that lead to the negative facts that are associated with cannabis use, such as increasing the risk of schizophrenia in some people, or it having the ability to produce psychotic reactions when high doses are consumed.

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I want cannabis decriminalized so I don’t have to worry being arrested.

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