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Another slang term for cannabis, Dank refers to very potent or high quality cannabis. Kids these days also use it to describe something that is sick, wicked, or ill. In specific, dank is a term used to describe cannabis that is sticky hairy and fragrant. ⠀Way before cannabis concentrates ever even became popular, dank was used to describe them. ⠀

Dank is used more to describe the processed cannabis plant products instead of the actual condition or potency of concentrates. Although you can’t really tell just how strong the weed is until you’ve tried it out, there are still are ways to tell which dank is going to be higher quality, when people talk about high quality, they are usually referring to the potency.

There are visual indications to look for when buying cannabis at a dispensary in order to end up with the best buds. It is always best to compare a few differnet buds to find what looks best, is a good colour, produces an aroma that is formidable and alluring. Things such as mold, mildew, and discoloration can be seen very easily when observing cannabis. Make sure to stay away from buds that tend to be fragile or shrivelled because they’ve been over-dried and are certainly not dank. It’s important to keep in mind that dank is mostly just a subjective expression and that what is considered dank for you may not be dank at all to someone else.

A high concentration of trichomes generally indicates a strain with an extreme production of cannabinoids, and this is what leads to a more powerful cannabis. The higher concentrations of trichomes creates the stickiness, hairiness, and high aromatic profiles of dank weed. Weed must be grown under the right conditions, from reputable seeds, and then gone through the harvesting and curing process properly to reach the level of dank quality weed.

Use of Term

Man it danks in here, did you leave the kush jar open?

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