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A dab is a small-to-medium-to-large sized quantity of concentrate such as wax, shatter or hash oil. It is consumed via a rig in combination with airflow and heat. Dabbing is a technique of marijuana consumption that involves the inhalation of a highly concentrated source of THC.

Dabs are small doses of highly concentrated cannabis portions created by cannabinoid extraction, particularly THC. There is a wide variety of extraction methods to produce certain concentrates, but they are typically derived using a solvent such as carbon dioxide or butane.

The dab is the end result and it is a waxy or sticky form of THC. Wax, shatter, or butane hash oil are terms that are sometimes used synonymously with dab. Because THC can be so strong in its concentrated form, dabbing often produces a fairly powerful high. Non-psychoactive chemicals can be removed from a dab and this process is most often done to increase the potency and quantity of THC left in the final product. Dabbing has been around in its current form for about 10 years.

In its simplest term, it refers to the process of taking a tiny dose or waxy dab of concentrate which has been heated on a hot surface. It is deemed to be much safer, more sophisticated, and a more advanced method of what used to be known as “hot knifing.” To dab properly, it requires the use of some specific equipment. Usually, a dab nail’s head is lighted up with a blowtorch until it becomes red hot. After that, the concentrate is then put on the hot surface where it is combusted and inhaled. ⠀

Any metal surface can be used for dabbing. The introduction of new cannabis extraction methods and products that are more potent and stronger has really expanded the use of cannabis concentrates over the years. As a result, this has caused the popularity of dabbing to also increase exponentially.

Use of Term

I rolled the last of my shatter into little balls, so we can take dabs later.

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