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A Dabber refers to the long, pointed tool utilized to pick up and touch concentrate to a heated nail on a dab rig. Dabbers are usually made out of metal, glass, or ceramic and reduce the risk of injury or mess. Dabbing has become a rising trend in the cannabis community. Dabbing is a technique for consuming cannabis concentrates.

The process involves a highly concentrated source of cannabis that is heated up and then the oil that is vaporized is inhaled, which produces the high. Non-psychoactive compounds can be derived from a dab most often with the purpose to increase the potency and amount of THC that is in the product. Dabbing, consuming small portions of the waxy dab concentral, has been popular for the past 10 years .

This method is perceived as safer and  more sophisticated, and more complex form of what used to be known as “dry knifing.” A dabber can be compared to a utensil that is used for cooking, much like how a chef uses tongs to pick up certain hot food items. The dabber has a similar purpose but just uses a different object.

The techniques used to make these different types of dabs are what gives them their unique features. The reason dabs are much more common nowadays than cannabis buds is because they contain a much higher tetrahydrocannabinol concentration (also known as THC). Dabbing involves the proper equipment to perform the right way. Usually, a dab nail’s head is heated with a blowtorch until it is extremely hot, and then the concentrate is put on the hot surface where it is burnt and inhaled. this can be done on a spoon or other metal surfaces.

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My dabber is metal and taped at the end so I don’t burn myself.

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