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Dab Rig

A dab rig is a device that is used to vaporize marijuana concentrates. It is also commonly known as a vapor rig, oil rig, and concentrate pipe. A dab rig will filter the concentrate vapor at the base of it through water. Dab rigs require something to hold the concentrate and most often, they are ceramic, quartz, glass, or titanium nails. The dab rig takes the place of a regular bowl that you would see on a pipe or bong used to hold cannabis. Beginners may be confused at the process or number of different things that are required to successfully use dag rigs. For the seasoned user, they will provide a fresh and potent high that contains very purified flavors.

Dab rigs weren’t always around, and how users vaporized concentrates before the dab rig was invented was by heating two knives, placing the concentrate on them once they were extremely hot, and then inhaling the vapor through a tube. It wasn’t until around 2006 that a proper dab rig was invented by a brother and a sister.

They had a skillet type of device that would be heated and the vapor would be inhaled through a glass arm that was connected to the skillet. Dab rigs are usually more expensive than bongs, mainly because of the many pieces that need to be purchased with it. Some of those additional accessories needed are a dabber, quartz, glass, or ceramic nail, a carb cap, butane torch, electronic nail, dab pad, a stopwatch or timer, and some cotton swabs. Even though dab rigs are similar to bongs, they do tend to be more complicated to set up.

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I purchased a bran new dab rig kit this week, so I’m just setting it up and am looking forward to trying some concentrate on it.

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