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Dab Mat

A Dab Mat is a rubber or silicone placemat used underneath dab right and other concentrate utensils. Dab Mat’s help keep your rig safe and are coated with a resin that repels sticky shatter and oils. Dab mats basically are surface protection mats and are also commonly known as dab pads. Many dab mats are cushioned to provide a protective cover and to avoid breaking a glass dab rig if it should be turned over accidentally. The dab mat also has an important purpose of protecting surfaces from the sticky, slippery, waxy residue that often spills or drips off the dab nail.

Dab mats are available in a variety of different materials, shapes, and sizes. In the best case scenario, the dab mat should be big enough so that the rig will fit safely on the surface, and wide enough to catch any messes that inadvertently occur. Dab mats should typically have enough room on them to store dabbers and other containers full of concentrates.

There is a wide spectrum of commercially available dab mats that are available for purchase on the market. They sold in many different colours or are embellished with favourite cartoon characters, artwork, and other pictures that are unique to the customer. There are also extra-large mats suitable for setting up a whole dab station. Mat measurements are often between 4×4 inches and 14×25 inches.

Dab mats are crafted from a variety of different materials, including silicone rubber cushioned rubber, and even recycled environmentally friendly rubber and other materials. Many people, however, choose to just use anything that is convenient for a dab pad, such as a simple baking pan or baking sheet that will absorb any spills or splatters from the dab finger. You could also use an old wide table as a dab mat as well if you don’t feel like investing in a proper one.

Use of Term

My dab mat is red and made of silicone to repel sticky oil

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