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A dab is referred to as a cannabis concentrate such as crumble, sauce, shatter, budder, or wax. Dabbing is the process by which one inhales the vapor from marijuana concentrate through a dab rig or vaporizer. Dabs or known to be much more potent than using regular cannabis.

They are very concentrated forms of cannabinoids and terpenes and are said to contain a lot of flavors. It can be thought of as inhaling all of the positive attributes of cannabis without many of the negative. It offers a clean taste because you are inhaling the pure vapor as opposed to combusted cannabis. Dabbing has become very popular among marijuana users because of the more potent high and flavorful outcomes it provides. To consume the concentrate, a dag rig is used. The concentrate is placed on a banger that is made of quartz, ceramic, titanium, or glass and then a butane torch or e-nail is used to light it up to a heat that vaporizes the concentrate, and then it is inhaled.

The effects after inhaling the concentrate are nearly immediate. Despite the many advantages offered from dabbing, some downsides are the number of accessories that are required, the steep learning curve, and the heat from the temperature that is required to produce the vapor can sometimes affect the taste of the concentrates. Dab temperatures can reach up to 370 degrees Celcius and that can sometimes leave a sticky residue on the device that is difficult to get rid of. Low-temperature dabs are much easier to clean and will also keep the flavor more intact than high-temperature ones. Methacrolein and benzene are toxins that might be produced from high-temperature dabbing.

Use of Term

I’m going to dab some shatter tonight in my new dab rig. Dabbing always gives me a better high than using straight cannabis.

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