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A cure is a process that occurs after harvesting a cannabis plant which involves drying the plant material. Curing is essential for a higher quality end product, more control over moisture levels and increased flavour profiles. When cannabis is not dried properly at the right time, it will be hard to burn, be hash, or contain a poor odour. In the past, by cutting the stem at the root, plants were picked and the whole plant was then hung upside down to dry. This process has been referred to as aircuring. The plants were usually hung in a well-ventilated dark shed, stable, or garage to dry out entirely for up to a month in time.

Plants like sagebrush, bay leaves, or tobacco are often cured by harvesting tiny stems and leaves from the plant. After that, the leaves and stems are grouped together to cure and hang in a closet or some other dark place. Curing may require various different methods for different types of plants. Some plants, for example, require a two-step process involving drying and then curing. Medicinal herbs are in a lot of cases, placed directly in glass jars for several weeks after drying to improve the product’s taste and potency.

Many plants can also be cured by the sunlight, which requires hanging the plants to dry in the full sun. Heat can also be used for plant curing. Leaves are typically hung on sticks and then have exposure to low heat. During the curing process, care is taken to make sure that no smoke or fire is near the leaves. The length of curing time varies depending on the temperature, the type of plant involved, and the plant’s water content at the time of harvesting.

There are several different techniques of drying and curing plants, but in all of the cases, environmental control and the length of the drying time are what ultimately lead to the best final product. Products must be closely monitored throughout the curing period to ensure that mould development does not occur.

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We cured the cannabis so we could roll and smoke it later.

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