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A cultivar is known as a bunch of plants that have similar properties that are selected during breeding during mass cultivation. It can also be known as variety. Strain if often used to refer to a cultivar of marijuana because the strain will have common properties. Classifying certain varieties of cannabis has become a thing of debate for beyond 500 years. In the 16th century, there was mention of a collection of plants that were thought to be domesticated hemp that was used for fiber.

A Swedish scientist named Carl Linnaeus, said that all different types of cannabis should make up just one species of plant. It wasn’t until 1785 that Jean-Baptise Lamarck said that cannabis was two different species. This was when the separation took place between sativa and indica.

There were a bunch of different varieties of cannabis growing all over Asia in the 20th century. As cannabis started becoming more and more accepted, growers started popping up all over the place. This started to motivate people to create new cultivars by breeding.

Breeding allowed growers to keep hold of the positive attributes of a strain while attempting to get rid of the negative attributes. Such things as high THC content, pleasant smelling aromas, and distinct cannabinoid profiles are all sought after things in a particular strain of cannabis.

A cultivar is a well-known term in the botanical field and it is known as the most basic category of classification of cultivated plants in the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants. Most food crops are cultivars the have been chosen for their specific properties.

Use of Term

I prefer this cultivar of cannabis for its sweet smelling aroma. The high produced from it starts off in the head and slowly makes its way through the body before slowly helping me go to sleep afterwards.

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