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A crutch is also known as a tip or a filter and it is one of the most important parts in rolling a perfect joint every time. A perfect joint will usually never be seen without a crutch and it can be thought of as an extension that will keep your fingers from being burned and something that just makes it easier to hold and trade around to your friends. It also gives better airflow through the joint and prevents the joint from being stuffed up with resin.

The crutch usually gives the joint the ability to burn through the cannabis before getting to the last part of the rolling paper. A crutch can be made of wood or glass, or you can also just make your own. No one likes a soggy tip when drawing on a joint, and a crutch solves that problem.

To easily make a crutch from scratch, you cut a piece of paper around 3 inches long by 3/4 inches in width. If you cut it longer, then your crutch will be wider. After that, you create around 3 to 4 very small folds on one end of the paper in a zig-zag direction that resembles a W. The folds should be around 1/8 of an inch and very tightly creased. If you have more folds, then your crutch will be wider.

After you have the folds complete, you just roll what’s left of the paper in a circle until the paper is done. You should press down hard when rolling and give plenty of pressure near the tip to make sure the roll stays in place. If the crutch turns out to be a little too wide for the paper or amount of weed, just unwind a little bit and tear it off.

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