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Crumble is known as an extract from marijuana that crumbles apart when it is used or handled. Cannabis users will sprinkle a little crumble extract on top of the bowl they are smoking. Crumble is typically made by using a solvent. When processed the right way, it is known to be one of the driest extracts out there. Because of the wide array of ways you can use crumble in addition to its potency, it makes it a welcome addition for many cannabis users.

Many users will simply add some crumble to their joints or blunts to make it more potent. Keeping crumble in an airtight container that is made of glass or silicone in a cooler environment is the best way to store crumble. Keeping it stored this way will help keep its potency, flavor, and aroma fresh. If crumble is exposed to hot temperatures, oxygen, moisture, and light, then it will start to degrade at a faster rate.

These factors will ruin the properties of it and its effects. Soft and dry are two characteristics that define fresh crumble. Its color should also be of a yellowish hue that appears almost like mustard. Manufacturing crumble should be left to the pros. It can be a fairly dangerous process for someone that isn’t educated on the whole process. The most common way to make crumble is by using butane or ethanol as a solvent.

Just like with cannabis having many different strains, there are also many different types of crumbles. Head Dream, Sweet N Diesel, Sweet Beans, King Dreams, Gorilla Valley, and Space Dream are all popular crumbles on the market.

Use of Term

When I smoke cannabis out of a joint, I like to add a little crumble in the middle of it to give it that little extra flare.

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