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Cross (genetics)

Cross (genetics) refers to cannabis strains that are carefully bred to contain the most beneficial traits of one strain, with the best qualities of another strain to create one great strain. Cross-breeding cannabis produces multiple strains for multiple uses. Producers will choose what terpene and cannabinoid profile they want in their strain, what effects of the high they want, and then attempt to create a strain tailored to their criteria.

The goal is to achieve all of the positive traits and minus all of the negative traits. The process can take many years to successfully grow just the right strain. A male marijuana plant first needs to grow to nearly full maturity to the point that it will produce pollen. That pollen produced from the male is used to assist the female in producing seeds by sprinkling it right onto the plant at around the fourth week of the flowering cycle.

Once the seeds are gathered up from the female plant, they must be grown to full maturity and then selected for the most ideal traits that they contain. Breeding cannabis is an art that takes much patience and experience to produce just the right strain. Trial and error is a huge component of cross genetics in cannabis and a grower named Soma has been doing this since 1970. He has created many popular strains of cannabis such as NYC Diesel, Lavender, and Amnesia Haze.

The many different strains of cannabis in the dispensaries did not happen by chance. They are the result of many years of breeding and hard work. Cross genetics is the only way that users are able to carefully choose their desired flavor, potency, appearance, and characteristics of the high that they want.

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This Amnesia Haze strain of cannabis was the direct result of cross genetics.

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