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A cross (short for crossbreeding) is when two or more cannabis plants are bred together to create a novel strain. Crossbreeding ensures that the offspring will inherit some traits from both parent plants. These traits range from profile, potency, appearance and flavour. Cannabis produced will carefully pick and choose what terpene and cannabinoid profiles they want in their product, what effects they want the product to have on its user, and then try to create a strain that is suited and tailored to all of their requirements.

The objective is to achieve and obtain all of the positive characteristics and exclude all of the negative characteristics. Overall, the whole process may take a handful of years to grow the right strain successfully. A male cannabis plant has to grow to almost full maturity in order to produce pollen. The pollen that is produced by the male is used to facilitate the female in seed production by sprinkling it directly on the plant at about the fourth week of the flowering phase.

Once the seeds are harvested from the female plant, they must also be grown to full maturity and then scrutinized for their most positive traits. Cannabisbreeding is an art that requires a great deal of patience and understanding to produce the right strain.

Trial and error is an enormous aspect of cannabiscross genetics and there is a grower named Soma that has created a number of common strains. He has been involved in creating new strains of cannabis since 1970. He’s created strains like NYC Diesel, Lavender, and Amnesia Haze. There are thousands of available Cannabis strains these days in the dispensaries today that one must recognise that these aren’t just produced by chance. This is a result of long years of hard work and