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Cotyledon Leaves

Cotyledon leaves are known to be the first leave that will appear on a marijuana seedling once it starts to sprout up from the soil. Cotyledon leaves are also referred to as seed leaves, and for the most part, they will grow in pairs. When the cannabis plant keeps on growing, these leaves will shed off so that the other parts of the plant will keep on maturing and growing. Cotyledons are said to have a crucial role in the early stages of plant life.

They provide a new plant with the nutrients they need to thrive. As the cotyledons break through the surface, photosynthesis is started and the growing tip pops out of the base of the cotyledon. This will produce leaves that keep on advancing photosynthesis. Sometimes cotyledons sprout up a little too far. In this case, it’s best to take it away from the shade to prevent the stretching of it. if the cotyledon gets too far up out of the soil, the plant may topple over and die.

It is important not to remove the cotyledons and to just let them do their thing until they fall off of the cannabis plant by themselves. Cotyledons will turn yellow and then brown, and soon after, they will just fall off. If you do see brown ones that haven’t fallen off yet, then you can simply just pinch them off. They aren’t a necessity to be on mature plants and are not needed by that point. Taking dead leaves off of a plant is always a good thing to keep in mind. Pinching also seals the vessels of the plant as opposed to just cutting.

Use of Term

The cotyledon leaves finally started to fall off of the cannabis plants, so I know it’s beginning to mature.

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