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Cotton mouth

One of the most common side effects of smoking cannabis is called cotton mouth. Annoying but mostly harmless, cotton mouth is characterized by an extremely dry mouth like you are chewing on dry crackers. Cotton mouth is easily cured with candy, gum, drinks, and wet snacks.

Cotton mouth can arise as the active compounds in the cannabis engage directly with the receptors in the mouth that regulate saliva production. Not only does it feel like you have a fairly dry mouth, but it also feels like you have small bits of mucus and saliva covering the mouth’s surface, looking like cotton as you rub the tongue against it.

The cannabinoid receptors in the submandibular glands (SMGs) lock on to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) any time cannabis is consumed, which in turn causes the SMGs to stop receiving signals from the parasympathetic nervous system that allow them to generate saliva. That is the scientific explanation for the cause of cotton mouth. Luckily, there are a few little tricks that cannabis consumers can exercise in order to get rid of cotton mouth. The main one is to just stay hydrated, which in and of itself, is not a bad thing anyways. It’s recommended to sip it through a straw.

Chewing sugarless gum like xylitol, or chewing on a orange or lemon slice can also do the trick and reduce the effects of cotton mouth. This will stimulate saliva production It doesn’t always work on everyone though because everyone has a different body. There is also a product called XyliMelts that are oral-adhering discs that stick on your teeth or gums and releases a lubricant that will coat your mouth. It is highly recommended to stay away from drinking alcohol in effort to get rid of cotton mouth because it can dehydrate the body and even cause the cotton mouth to get even worse. Avoiding tobacco is also recommended. Cotton mouth is commonly referred to as the “pasties”

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This Purple Kush gave me such bad cotton mouth.

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