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When air or liquid is heated and then flows away from the source carrying the heat, this is referred to as convection heating. In vaporization context, convection refers to the transfer of heat over a concentrate that evenly vaporizes the material in combination with airflow. Convection can happen in a dab rig as well as a vaporizer that vaporizes a weed concentrate.

Whatever concentrate is used will liquefy up and melt. A circulating current is generated by the inhaled airflow. The current is what vaporizes the concentrate. The convection process takes place while using a carb seal. It’s a perfect way to preserve cannabis because using just a tiny bit will go a long way. Vaporizing is gentler on the lungs in comparison to smoking it, which is why medical cannabis users prefer vapes.

Convection is reliant on heating up the product so that steam will rise and release the vapour from the cannabis that can be inhaled by the consumer. Convection is typically the method of choice for vaping cannabis as it does not allow the substance to be combusted. Every toke of the vapour is evenly heated. This method really brings out the concentrate’s flavour and aroma. It is the perfect way to preserve the essential terpenes of the cannabis plant.

It is also the preferred option for medical users of marijuana. In scientific terms, convection can be thought of as the transfer of thermal energy through a liquid or gas. The way convection ovens work is by circulating hot air throughout the oven. Heat surrounds and flows through cannabis material when you are using a convection vaporizer. The source of heat is isolated and does not touch the product directly. A lot of smokers favour convection-based vapes because they allow more precise regulation of temperatures. They also like vapes because they heat materials nice and evenly, which results in a more pleasant experience than conduction-style vapes.

Use of Term

My vape uses convection heat rather than conduction and I think the vapour tastes better that way.

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