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A cone is another word for a cannabis joint rolled to resemble the shape of an ice-cream cone. The roll starts thin, but tapers out large at the end of the cone. Usually, a cone is rolled with a paper filter or roach to stop cannabis from falling out or clogging the burn. Similar to rolling papers, cones can be bought at dispensaries and smoke shops. Many rolling paper manufacturers are now producing cones to support the ever-expanding cannabis market. Hemp cones, clear cones, and paper cones are preferred by many customers.

Common brands are Raw, J-Ware, and Cones. There are also cone-filling machines available. Although joints still require rolling, this step is prevented by cones; consumers simply fill a cone with their weed and they’re all set to go and ready to smoke it. These are often labelled or sold as “pre-rolled” cones because the cones are ready to be used right after purchase. This eliminated the steps of painstakingly rolling a proper joint that can be a tedious task for those who are not familiar or experienced in it. The process can get pretty messy pretty quick if you’ve never rolled a joint before.

Often, a cone is seen as a bowl that is big enough in size for around one hit. There are several benefits of cones. The biggest one is never having to worry about rolling a joint improperly again. If a joint isn’t rolled well, it can result in erratic burning and an unpleasant flavour, which a complete waste of the cannabis that was used inside the joint. In addition to not stressing about an improperly rolled joint, for those with arthritis or other forms of muscle pain in their hands, cones are not hard on the wrists and shouldn’t cause much pain on the joints. All you need to do is fill the cone with the cannabis strain of your choice, and then light it up.

Use of Term

Yo man you rolled a fat cone! That’s going to last forever.

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