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Cannabis concentrates refer to the ingredients in marijuana that are the most efficient and potent in getting the user high. Concentrates come in a variety of forms such as hash, oil, tinctures, and dabs. They can be referred to as material (mostly the terpenes and cannabinoids) from a cannabis plant that is processed into the concentrated form.

At the same time, a concentrate removes the impurities and other unwanted material. Comparing concentrates to cannabis plants, concentrates will have a much higher cannabinoid content. The potency of the cannabis plant can be increased by concentrates by adding a few drops of it on top before rolling a joint.

Many users will opt to use concentrates due to the many different ways they can consume them and because they have a very fast onset. The high from a cannabis concentrate is known to last around 1 to 3 hours, but it all depends on the person that is using it. A good example to think of concentrates as is thinking of pure orange juice without the pulp. Concentrates are made from the gathering up of trichomes and they can contain a variety of different consistencies.

Shatter, crumble, sugar or oil are terms that are used to describe the appearance of concentrate. Shatter has a texture that is almost glass-like. it can be thought of like the taffy candy that you pull apart until it snaps. Budder and badder appear to be more oily and feel softer to the touch. They are very easy to use and appear to be bright orange. Crumble is known to be a more brittle type of budder. It’s crumbly and has a yellowish look.

Use of Term

I prefer to use pure cannabis concentrates to get high because they always end up doing the trick.

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