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The cola is part of the female cannabis plant that forms a flowery cluster along the top of the main stems and branches. They are composed of buds that almost resemble that of a teardrop. When grown in a greenhouse, they can reach up to lengths of 24 inches long. They are coveted among cannabis growers because of the amount of resin on them. To think of it more simply, a cola is just a bunch of buds that are clustered together.

Cola is where the bud blossoms on a cannabis plant and the entire bud that is surrounding the plant material is all considered cola. A plant will usually only produce one largest cola around the top of the plant when it is grown in the wild. The colas that it produces at other locations will all be smaller in size and quality compared to the top one. They are usually narrow and long, and usually, always grow vertically.

Colas with higher concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids are worth more. The larger the size, the more it’s worth as well. Some strains of cannabis will always almost only grow a single cola and it is referred to as single cola dominance. Cannabis growers try to use techniques in the vegetative stage of growth that will promote budding sites at more than one location on the plant. Multiple colas is always ideal and if done successfully, multiple colas will develop on numerous branches.

Experienced cannabis users sometimes stray away from purchasing colas because a lot of the time they have a large stem in the middle, and if it sold by weight, the stem can constitute a large portion of that weight.

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I purchased 2 colas today and am hoping the THC content in them is quite high.

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