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CO2 Oil

CO2 oil is considered to be a high quality cannabis concentrate with fairly high purity. It is achieved by supercritical fluid extraction. Supercritical fluid extraction uses gases like CO2 because its temperature is cool enough that the cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids don’t get deactivated. CO2 is also widely used as the preferred method because it is natural and not as toxic in comparison to some of the other methods such as butane.

In the extraction process, the marijuana is washed down with CO2 in liquid form. This keeps the cannabinoids and terpenes separate from the rest of the material. That is what creates the concentrated oil form. Leftover CO2 will evaporate and all that’s left over is a product that is free of solvents. You can vape it safely at that point, but typically you will want the waxes/lipids from the extract. You can expect to get around 50%-70% concentration using this method which is a fairly high amount. If the user wants the full broad spectrum of flavors and cannabinoids, then CO2 oil will be the way to go. Considering the price, CO2 is also a better choice.

C02 oil is not specifically being used only in the cannabis industry. You will find it in beer, coffee, tea, tobacco, vanilla, fragrances, perfumes, and cannabis oil. Some cannabis users will simply prefer the cool and soothing vapor of CO2 oil instead of breathing in the sometimes harsh, burnt up cannabis smoke that can leave you coughing. CO2 oil can be thought of as a purified oil that has all of the good components of marijuana and gets rid of all of the waste.

Use of Term

The CO2 oil I recently made is around 60% concentrate which is much higher than the other strains of weed I’ve been smoking lately.

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