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Co-op is short for co-operative and refers to individuals or associations that gather together towards a common ground whether it be economic, social, or cultural. Its focus is to assist in the needs of a group of people. In the cannabis industry, a co-op also has the same meaning, but it is a group of cannabis users that unite together to ensure they have access to good quality marijuana.

They are sometimes referred to as marijuana collectives. Medical cannabis users are mostly the ones that are involved in a co-op, but as legalizing crosses around the globe, more and more of them are being created. A cannabis user has access to cannabis, edibles, concentrates, and other products within the co-op. Many members and users within co-ops will also work alongside each other in developing strains, grow plants together, and share ideas. A co-op believes that if you combine the knowledge and expertise of a group of people, it will always be more beneficial than doing it individually.

A co-op usually has membership regulations that vary by location. Some places use co-ops as an alternative to a dispensary. If there earnings and savings that are gained in the co-op, then it is typically used to benefit its members rather than one specific person. Something that has been occurring more and more recently is that co-ops are being run as cannabis dispensaries. A rule of these co-ops is that they cannot sell to anyone that is not a member. If you are a member, you can purchase the weed for a much lower price than if you went to a local and dispensary and bought it there.

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Our co-op had an annual Cannabis edibles themed party and I’ve tried some cool edibles

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