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Closed-loop extraction

Closed-loop Extraction recycles hydrocarbon solvent or CO2 in a closed system, without releasing gas into the air. This process usually refers to butane or propane extraction and is much safer than open blasting. In fact, it is law Colorado concentrate producers to use this technique.

The method of closed-loop extraction is not new and has been used for many years to collect essential oils for products like cosmetics and food additives. It has only been common in the cannabis industry in recent years. The closed-loop extraction method produces a much cleaner product. Using it is also a little easier than using an open form of extraction. Closed-loop extraction systems have become the normal way of going things for medicinal and commercial facilities. commercial and medical facilities.

A closed-loop system consists of a large tank with an attached tube to it, a recovery tank, a refrigerant scale, a refrigerant pump, and a recovery pump. There is also a need for an extra pump and recovery tank to create a vacuum oven to produce butane hash oil (BHO) using a closed-loop method. BHO’s additional tools have the main purpose of purging the butane from cannabis concentrates.

The closed-loop system of extraction works by firstly packing full the tube with fresh marijuana. The marijuana-filled tube is then attached to a pressurized solvent. Specific valves and clamps help to make sure that during the solvent being used will stay under pressure during the entire process. In order to pull the THC and cannabinoids from the marijuana plant material, the solvent has to pass through it. In a recovery tank, the condensed oil is stored.

A closed-loop extraction method is simpler and safer, although it is not without risks because flammable solvents are enclosed and cannot spill out. If they do, this can lead to a potential explosion. This is useful for non-pressure pressurized liquids. Chemical solvents can be reused with a closed-loop extraction method and this will save a fair amount of money in the long-term.

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When producing concentrates, its much safer to use Closed-loop extraction rather than open blasting.

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