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Citronellol is a terpene that can be found in rose oil and various other botanical oils. It contains a citrus type of floral aroma and its scent is widely used to fend off mosquitoes. You can also find it in many perfume products. There has been research into citronellol revealing its potential in providing relief of inflammation. Citronellol has been commonly referred to as dihydrogeraniol and it occurs naturally in citronella oil. Citronella oil is an oil from lemongrass plants.

If you take a look at many of the different lemon-scented perfumes, soaps, body oils, or after-shaves, you will most likely see citronellol in the ingredients. Citronella oil is known to be popular in the incense industry. Citronellol is known to be present in certain varieties of cannabis. Some of the more well-known ones are Great White Shark, Island Sweet Skunk, and Amnesia Haze. The strains of cannabis that do contain citronellol will generally have a lemon scent and taste, but may also smell and taste like passionfruit and honey.

Citronellol has been studied for its medical benefits as well. Some animal studies have revealed that citronellol may be effective in reducing pain because of its anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, citronellol displays anti-tumor characteristics. Because inflammation adds to the forming of cancerous cells and citronellol containing the ability to fight inflammation, it shows that it has potential in this area to decrease tumors.

It’s also been known to potentially be a treatment option for lung cancer and is easily absorbed by the lungs. Clinical human trials are needed on the effects of the cardiovascular system, but some research has shown that it inhibits the contraction of muscle cells, and it could possibly lower blood pressure.

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Using citronellol to fend off those pesky mosquitoes always seems to do the trick.

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