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A chillum is also known as a one-hitter or bat and they have been around for many decades, but have started to gain much popularity in recent years. They are believed to have originated in India and first used by Hindu monks. It has been reported that monks have been using them for many, many centuries. Chillums have been related to spirituality through Europe and Asia. When the 20th century hit, chillums started to gain popularity on the western side of the globe.

People like them for their fairly strong and focused draws. You can purchase chillums that are fairly small and discreet. There are a variety of different types of chillums ranging from wood-based, clay-based, and even steel-based ones. Chillums do not have the small hole that is located underneath the bowl. This results in a little less airflow control in the chillum. The cannabis will still burn, but they are just not as controllable. The best angle to light up a chillum is at a 45-degree slant.

Doing this will prevent weed from falling out of it. There are many users that like to use something to hold the weed in the bowl. The user has to make sure that they inhale fairly gently on the chillum so that they don’t accidentally breathe in any ash. Chillums are very convenient and easy for group sessions with your friends. They are easy to pack, easy to clean, and don’t cost a whole lot. It is one of the easiest ways to smoke cannabis. To clean out a chillum, all you need to do is slide a piece of cloth through one end and right out of the other.

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I prefer to smoke out of my chillum because it’s so convenient and discreet. It fits right into my pocket and always does the trick.

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