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Cheeba is a slang-term for cannabis similar to pot, weed, skunk etc. There is also a medical marijuana product called Cheeba Chews which infuses cannabis into chocolate taffy. The expression is a bastardized Spanish version of the word ‘chiva,’ which means heroin. Cheeba was a term used to reference Brazilian marijuana, which looked black, sticky, gooey, and resembled heroin very closely.

Cheeba Chews, a Colorado company, makes cannabis edibles and has made cannabis even more associated with the word ‘cheeba.’ Today, when most people refer to ‘cheeba,’ they speak about the heavily THC-laden laced edibles that are commonly sold and are a popular choice for medicinal marijuana users. The edibles known as the Cheeba Deca Dose won the High Times Awards in 2011 and 2012 and were soon dubbed as “America’s Favorite Edible.”

These Cheeba edibles have been specifically intended for consumers of medical marijuana who need a high dose to regulate pain and other conditions. The edibles have become prominent for consumers who want to relieve pain rapidly and for a fairly long period of time. There is 175 mg of THC in every Cheeba. There are typically two types of different Cheeba Chews, one that contains a blend of Sativa, and the other that contains a blend of Indica. Instead of cannabis butter, the chews are filled with a concentrate of cannabis oil that helps them take effect much quicker and helps them last longer than other edible types. Sometimes people will even refer to edibles as Cheebas.

Cheeba Chews have been around since 2009 and are available in over 800 dispensaries across Colorado and California. This entire brand has been recognized for its consistency and quality in making very good products. Currently, there are 11 different types of edibles on the Cheeba Chews website.

Use of Term

I’ve been looking for some cheeba since I arrived at the beach, but all i’ve got is sand between my toes.

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