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Certificate of Analysis

A certificate of analysis is a document that is given after a quality assurance officer has tested and inspected the lab or product(s) and ensured that it has met or exceeded the given regulatory standards. The certificate can include information on terpenes, metals, pesticides, rodent control in the lab, moisture content, daily logs, water activity, solvents used, foreign materials, sanitation procedures, and other things. If a lab that is growing cannabis wants a certificate of analysis, they will need to ensure that their products have information on the dosage, THC content, and to verify it is safe for human consumption.

The certificate can be seen as a stamp of approval that can let customers or companies know that their manufacturing is abiding by the rules and regulations and following standard protocol. Some regulatory agencies have started to put maximum limits on solvents, pesticides, microbes, and mycotoxins that are used in cannabis production. Some things that can be found on the certificate of analysis itself are the company name, identification/product name, test conditions, test parameters, specifications/requirements, results, approval signature/date, and document tracing references.

Certificate of analysis documents can be found in many different industries and organizations. They are used on a worldwide scale to establish the protocol that can be followed to prove that the company isn’t just some random person creating a subpar product. It displays a measure of professionalism that can separate a good company from a bad one that doesn’t care about the customers that it is serving. To certify the quality and purity of pharmaceuticals, animal products, and plant products, a certificate of analysis is a big requirement.

Use of Term

My company recently received its certificate of analysis to start growing cannabis, so I’m going to hang the certificate up in plain sight to show the professionalism of my company.

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