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Cedrene is known to be found in the oil of cedarwood trees. It contains a very woody and fresh aroma and has a variety of different uses. Some oils that contain cedrene have been researched for anti-tumor, antispasmodic, and astringent properties. Cedrene is made from distilling the wood and ancient civilizations in the Middle East gathered oil by tapping right into the cedar trees. Many paints that ancient Sumerians used were based on cedarwood oil.

They also extracted it from the trees to use it for mosquito repellant. To this day, it can still be used for that and other things like boosting the aroma in an atmosphere, using it in candles, and various sprays. You will see cedarwood oil in cologne, shampoos, and deodorants. Natural health practitioners say that cedarwood oil might be able to help your hair grow and could stimulate the scalp if it is massaged into it. It has been used in alternative medicine to lower or heal acne, providing relief of congestion, disinfecting wounds, and relieving restless leg syndrome.

A lot of furniture manufacturers will use it to enhance the smell of their products. Cedarwood oil is not safe to ingest and should be used for external purposes only. Cedrene has been used in cannabis to add a nice woodsy aroma to it. Many skin-care products will use cedarwood oil to tone and tighten up the skin. A few studies were conducted on the use of essential oils that contained cedrene and found that it may have a purpose in the ability to fight off tumor cells. It may also have the potential to be used as a natural remedy in medicines used to fight various types of cancer.

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You can really smell the scent of cedrene in this strain of cannabis.

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